UnInstall For Windows - If a driver comes as part of a software package is installed ( usually for printers and scanners , and so on ) , then the easiest way is to remove the program and all its components from the Windows Control Panel :
  1. Click ' Start'
  2. Then ' Control Panel ' and
  3. Then ' add or remove programs .

It is a way to completely remove all traces of the software and drivers.

Another way to go about uninstalling Windows drivers is to open the device manager or
  1. Click ' Control Panel ' ,
  2. Click ' Performance and Maintenance
  3. System 

In the new window you will see a tab called ' Hardware ' and the Device Manager that is ) . You can open the window you need by double clicking on the device driver you need to uninstall . You will get a window ' property ' with the tab marked 'driver' . There is a button marked ' uninstall ' . Just click to uninstall the drivers . Sometimes worth uninstalling the drivers if you are having problems . If you have removed the drivers are part of a ' plug and play ' protocol in Windows NT or XP , then all you need to do is to reboot or restart your PC and windows will look for the hardware and reinstall the driver automatically.

If the driver you are using is Plug and Play it will say so in the window of the driver where you do uninstall . Plug and Play in Windows XP works for things like keyboard , mouse , monitor and a basic modem , graphics and sound cards . Often times you will want to use a driver written by the makers of hardware you have installed . In this case you have to find a more up to date version of the driver on the internet or have a copy on a disk before you uninstall.

If you're thinking that the driver is guilty and doesn't have a duplicate , realize the primary one - this will be done on the net when you recognize the build and model of your device . There also are programs accessible that assist you determine all of your drivers and since it helps you discover a replacement or update . one more reason for uninstalling the motive force is that if you put in the drivers manually rather than mistreatment the viable file ( see the article on ' windows install drivers ' ) . during this case typically a decent plan to get rid of the recent drivers before putting in to stop clashes . during this case you would like to try to to it from the device manager as represented on top of . So , if you have got a spare that came with the hardware , has found one from a reliable supply on the net or happy believe plug and play technology ( that is very sensible for several functions ) , then there's no real risk in uninstalling the driver window

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